Montague Island – Nature’s Gift




Mid Season
Day 2/5 hour tour $500
Evening Penguin Tour $520

Low Season
Day 2/5 hour tour $420
Evening Penguin Tour $460

Guests at Amooran often spot a southern-right or humpback whale from their room or balcony in springtime. Taking in the vista of the Pacific Ocean and Montague Island will draw you to experience it up close.
A trip to Montague Island off the coast of Narooma is eco-tourism at its best. A fascinating combination wildlife and historical experience, you’ll see seals, sea birds and the penguin habitat and tour the lighthouse and restored buildings on the island. An added bonus to the trip during September to November is the opportunity to see whales up close, a truly exhilarating experience.

  • 2 nights accommodation in a studio or family room at Amooran.
  • Selected tour with Narooma Charters or another local charter boat operator:-
  • 2/5 hour trip to Montague Island embarking on the island and including a National Parks guided wildlife and historical tour and a visit to the Island’s seal colonies.


  • 3 hour evening trip to Montague Island, visiting the seal colony and embarking on the island for the National Parks tour which includes viewing little penguins in their natural habitat.